About Us

At widu we understand visuals both from a photographer’s and business owner’s perspective.

Visual Expertise

As a professional photographer and studio owner in Santiago de Chile and Madrid, our co-founder Francisco Gallardo has delivered visuals to a broad variety of businesses and has deep experience in real estate and architecture. 

Pancho and his dedicated team of creatives run widu production. They brief, shoot and edit your visuals.

Tech Knowledge

Working together at tech companies across Europe, 
Peter and Ben experienced first-hand the difficulties that online travel portals face in sourcing compelling visuals for their listed properties worldwide.

Our passionate product development team has created the widu platform to ensure seamless workflows for creatives and production teams.

This ensures that your business can order and receive its visuals on time, no matter the location of the property.

widu brings together a team of experts across photography, editing, content and operations.

Give them a call or write to them! The success of your business is our first priority.