Before ordering

You can call us on ‎+56 9 2199 5961 or send us an email at [email protected]. We will need to know:
  • Full address of the shoot location
  • Onsite contact details of the person who will welcome the photographer
We will get in touch to organise with the full requirements of the client for your for your shoot.
We select the photographer or creative team with the required expertise that match your project and location. However, for long-term widú customers who require multiple shoots at the same address (e.g. events) you can request a photographer that has worked with you in the past, and we will see if they have availability for your shoot.
We are happy to take orders whenever you want to make them. However, the earlier the better, especially for more complex projects.
For clients who need a single shoot, we require that payment is made before the shoot. We will send you an email with all options available for payment. For long-term partnerships or for multiple shoots, we will offer a bespoke payment plan that fits the frequency of shoots ordered per month.
For more complex shots or for extended projects that include video, floorplans, drone or other visual elements, we would offer the individual or team that suits your needs.

The Shoot

After receiving a booking, the photographer will receive your specific guidelines. You will not need to spend any time briefing individual photographers on the day of the shoot.
If you would like to cancel a shoot simply send us an email at [email protected]. In the case of a cancellation that takes place 24 hours or fewer before the start of the arranged shoot, the client is liable for all of the agreed payment for this individual shoot.
If you cannot be at the shoot location to welcome the photographer, please let us know beforehand. We will require the name of an alternative person before we can send a photographer.
Please contact us on whatsapp on‎ +56 9 2199 5961 or email us at [email protected]. We will work quickly to find an alternative solution.

Delivered images

We deliver visuals less than 48 hours of the shoot.
You can request the format that suits your requirements. Before the first shoot, you will have the chance to select a delivery format.


If you are interested in becoming a creative within our community please complete this short form. Once we have looked at your current portfolio and additional materials, we will notify shortly after of next steps.
It can depend on many elements. The destination you live in, your previous assignments, your specialisation and the equipment you own.
Payments will be made every 15 days. Please be aware, banks may need some days for international transactions.
We will send you a proposal detailing the payment offered for each project. You will have the opportunity to accept or reject each proposal.
Please submit all of the files before midnight of day of the shoot. Only submit RAW picture files and do not create any subfolders.