Hotel Magnolia, premium photography

Providing a premium photography service to the Magnolia Hotel

The Magnolia Hotel has taken an exciting step in collaboration with widu, the leading startup in premium photography services for the hotel industry. With the photoshoot already completed, the hotel is now ready to kick off a strategic promotion using the stunning images captured by widu.

The premium photographs, meticulously crafted by the widu team, capture the essence and values of the Magnolia Hotel, highlighting its sophistication and distinctive elegance. Every important detail has been carefully reviewed to present the true experience that the hotel offers to its guests.

With its focus on cutting-edge technology and top-level photographers, widu has achieved high-quality images that showcase the stunning spaces, rooms, and luxury suites, the exquisite rooftop restaurant, and the world-class relaxing spa of the Magnolia Hotel. Additionally, the photographs capture the unique and welcoming atmosphere that characterizes the hotel, providing a captivating glimpse for prospective clients.

Hotel Magnolia

Project Details

1 Days

for the photoshoot

1 Photos

Premium for magazine photoshoot

1 Rooms

throughout the hotel

The future of the Magnolia Hotel looks bright, as these captivating images will be used for its promotion across the hotel's digital channels. A significant transformation in its online presence is anticipated, attracting new customers and reinforcing the loyalty of existing guests.

With this strategy, the Magnolia Hotel will further solidify its position as a recognized luxury destination in the competitive hotel industry.

Thanks to the successful collaboration with widu, the Magnolia Hotel is ready to stand out in its industry.

Its commitment to providing an exceptional experience to its guests will be faithfully reflected in the images captured by widu. We wish all the success to the Magnolia Hotel!


Premium photos and prompt image delivery allowed the Magnolia Hotel to enhance its appeal to luxury travelers and continue being a benchmark in the hotel industry.

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