Real Estate

How to use video to sell a real estate project

Using real estate video marketing effectively can significantly boost your ability to sell more properties. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to utilize this powerful tool.

By Juliana Jimenez
June 11, 2024

1. Standard Walkthroughs

  • Interior and Exterior: A comprehensive tour showcasing both the inside and outside of the property, highlighting key features, layout, and design.
  • Room-by-Room: Detailed focus on each room, providing a clear understanding of the space and functionality.

2. Aerial and Drone Videos

  • Bird’s Eye View: Captures the property from above, providing a unique perspective of the house, yard, and surrounding neighborhood.
  • Neighborhood Overview: Showcases the property’s location, nearby amenities, and landscape, giving a sense of the community.

3. Construction Update Videos

A video showcasing a real estate project that highlights the progress from early construction to project completion offers a visual journey through the development stages, illustrating the transformation of the site into its final, completed form.

4. Short-Form Social Media Videos

  • Teasers and Previews: Short, engaging clips to generate interest in a property or upcoming open house.
  • Stories and Reels: Quick updates, behind-the-scenes looks, or property highlights designed for platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

5. Combo Drone and Tours

A video showcasing a real estate project featuring drone footage followed by a walkaround tour provides an aerial perspective and an on-the-ground view, giving a comprehensive look at the property’s layout and details.


Which videos to avoid:

  • Meet the Agent: Videos where agents introduce themselves, share their background, and explain their approach to real estate.
  • Local Market Trends: Updates on the local real estate market, including statistics, trends, and predictions.
  • Seasonal Tips: Advice and tips related to buying or selling during different seasons, such as spring cleaning or winterizing a home.
  • Agent’s Day in the Life: A look into the daily routine of a real estate agent, giving potential clients a sense of your work ethic and dedication.


By incorporating these various types of videos into your real estate marketing strategy, you can provide valuable information, engage potential buyers, and showcase properties in a compelling way that drives sales.