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PYInmobiliaria is one of the most respected property developers in Chile, building homes for Chilean families for over 40 years. They are active throughout the country and work across a broad range of projects.

They sought our help to generate high quality images and video across six different locations in Central and Southern Chile.

Working with PY Inmobiliaria was a rewarding experience. We had to quickly find the most suitable photographers that matched the needs and location of the shoot.

We worked hard to have every detail covered. We were happy with the outcomes, generating photographs, videos and drone shoots that highlighted the quality and scope of their latest developments.

Project In Figures


different locations, located in Central and Southern Chile.


types of services for each project (Photos, Videos, Drone)


working days before the final delivery to the customer

The biggest challenge for us was the sheer amount of material requested within a tight timeframe. We had to find the right people for these shoots, a key task in order to achieve exceptional quality in each of the photographs and videos.

The client needed to cover a significant amount of visual content. For six days we worked on six housing projects, located in central and southern Chile.

Among the services requested by PY Inmobiliaria were photographs and videos of each of the house models in the projects. In addition, they wanted to have drone shots of the construction areas, highlighting their attributes, points of interest and nearby areas, such as access roads, supermarkets, parks and schools.

For PY Inmobiliaria, our proximity to them was important, because we not only took the photographs and edited them, but we were also at their side to understand what they wanted to transmit with these audiovisual products.

From the beginning of the projects we drew up a roadmap together with the client, demonstrating our flexibility for the realization of the sessions and our agility in the delivery of the final content.

"Thanks to the challenge that PY Inmobiliaria projects proposed to us, we tested the capacity and efficiency of our network of photographers located in different areas of Chile, managing to shoot six projects in six days, keeping our quality intact and delivering an incredible final product"

Francisco Pérez, Head of Sales at widu


The photographs, videos and aerial shots satisfired the client's needs: to show each of the projects as friendly properties to live in, close and familiar to their buyers.

Thanks to our processes we were able to highlight each of their attributes, giving them a touch of modernity and style. We were able to transmit through the final product what the client was looking for, projects that are affordable and with pleasant common areas for their buyers.

"We are delighted with widu's approach to our company and their understanding of our objectives. Their final products are not only of high quality, but also convey what we are looking for in our buyers"

PY Inmobiliaria

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