DVP Solar, Technical 3D Renders

widu has successfully collaborated with DVP, a solar energy company, to complete several high-impact visual projects.

Project Overview
widu was tasked with creating detailed 3D renders for DVP’s energy projects across various locations in Germany and France.

The projects focused on showcasing solar panel installations that worked around rural and mixed-use locations.

The aim was to provide DVP with high-quality visual representations to support their marketing, planning, and stakeholder engagement activities.

The render projects were completed in several locations in including Radgendorf, Schnaittenbach, Burgdorf and Stockheim.

Solar Panel Models
widu created renders for three distinct solar panel models, highlighting the differences and unique features of each installation.

Project Details

1 Types

of solar panel models

1 Sites

across locations in Germany

1 Days

For Final Delivery (including updates)

Planning and Coordination

widu worked closely with DVP to understand their requirements and the specifics of each location.

This involved:

  • Local onsite drone specialists: In key locations, we combined onsite visuals expertise with digital renders.
  • Client Meetings: Regular meetings with DVP to align on project objectives and timelines.

Modelling and Rendering

Using advanced 3D modeling software, widu created realistic and detailed renders that accurately represented DVP’s installations. The process included:

  • High-Resolution Modeling: Crafting high-resolution 3D models of solar panels and heavy machinery.
  • Texturing and Lighting: Applying realistic textures and lighting to enhance the visual appeal and accuracy of the renders.
  • Quality Assurance: Conducting rigorous quality checks to ensure the final renders met DVP’s standards and expectations.
Outcome 1: Enhanced Marketing Materials

The high-quality visuals provided by widu significantly enhanced DVP’s marketing materials, enabling them to present their projects compellingly to potential investors and stakeholders.

Outcome 2: Improved Planning and Stakeholder Engagement

The detailed renders facilitated better planning and communication with stakeholders, providing a clear and precise representation of the projects’ scope and impact.

Client Feedback

"Working with widu has been a fantastic experience. Their renders are of exceptional quality, demonstrating remarkable flexibility and speed. They have consistently exceeded our expectations, providing visuals that perfectly capture the essence of our projects."
Julieta Giganti, DVP Solar

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