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Case Study: Caterina Homes and widu - A Dazzling Transformation from Old Apartments to New Homes!

Caterina Homes, Spain's first company dedicated to corporate apartment management, stands out for its mission to provide professionals with apartments that make them feel at home. For their latest project, they needed impactful visual representations that would capture the unique essence of their new property. They had a clear and determined vision of what they wanted to achieve.

This is where widu, a specialized architectural visualization company, came into the picture to bring Caterina Homes' vision to life. With agility, high quality, and a collaborative approach, we embarked on creating renders and an impressive 3D floor plan to present this exciting development.

Project Details

1 Types

of visuals (3D Plans, Render)

1 Homes

with several different rooms and views

1 Days

For Final Delivery (including updates)

The result was simply dazzling: clean and realistic aesthetics that satisfied the client. The combination of the realism in the renders and the immersion provided by the 3D floor plan allowed potential clients to fall in love with the project even before it was built.

Our Managing Director in Spain was delighted with the outcome and didn't hesitate to express his enthusiasm:

"Both works were executed with exceptional quality and in record time. The combination of the detailed 3D floor plans and the impressive renders provided our future clients with a perfect vision of what it would be like to live in this new property.""

In summary, the successful collaboration between Caterina Homes and widu brought to life the vision of transforming old apartments into modern homes with a striking visual presentation. widu's passion, professionalism, and dedication left a lasting impression on the client, demonstrating that well-crafted visual representations are an invaluable tool for showcasing the beauty and potential of real estate projects.

This project is a true example of how architectural renders can showcase the potential of an upcoming property development.


Ultra-fast delivery of 3D real estate renderings and combined floor plans across multiple projects and locations.

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