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3 tips to earn followers on social media through visual content

Creating good audiovisual content can make your audience feel identified, a reaction that is very beneficial for companies, as they will be able to know what their customers think and get closer to them, creating recognition and loyalty.

By Juliana Jimenez
November 3, 2022

We currently live in a digital era where ways of communicating have changed. For companies, social networks are now crucial tools capable of converting different audiences into real customers, but how do you achieve this?

Your target audience will always want to see well-presented images. It is estimated that nearly 75% of people making purchases are influenced by what they have seen on social media. In this new article we will give you some tips that will help you grow your social networks and so your sales due to the use of audiovisual content.

1. Recognize what content your audience sees

Before you start creating and uploading photos or videos, you must be very certain about your goal, whether it is to increase your recognition on social networks, grow in followers or attract new customers.

You must also know who your audience is, who you want to reach and what content is right for them. This will allow you to know how to approach them and so you can build a content plan that will allow your potential customers to interact with your products or services. According to Hubspot studies, 64% of users who watch audiovisual content tend to purchase the associated products.

Now that you know what to show your consumers, you can start creating content. You should make sure that it is interesting, provides proximity and generates curiosity about your services. 80% of Internet users prefer to click on a video rather than another type of link.

You should constantly monitor the activity of your audiences with your social networks. Knowing their behavior will enable you to know if you are meeting your objectives and if it is necessary to change certain things in order to correct their course.

2. Use high quality images

It is important to include impressive and engaging images, in your social media content. Having high quality images will make your audience respond faster to the objective of your publication, whether it is to highlight a service or sell a property.

Here are the requirements for some platforms:

On Instagram: Landscape (1080x566px), Portrait (1080x1350px) and Square (1080x1080px). Reels and stories (1080x1920px).

On Facebook: Recommended size 1200x630px and minimum size 600x315px.

On Twitter: Recommended size 1600x900px and minimum size is 600x355px.

On Linkedin: Recommended size 1200x627px.

Having tools such as lights, cameras and editing tools, are a key component in your creation of images for social networks, and will help achieve a stronger and longer lasting impact on your audience.

3. Create short, eye-catching videos

According to studies, 90% of users prefer videos when making a decision to buy a product. Therefore, this format seems the correct one to use when presenting a product or service, efficiently boosting your online reach and the growth of your brand. 

Different video formats have many benefits when growing a business through social networks, due to their ability to be seen quickly, giving your products more visibility, virality and interactivity.

To create videos for your social networks, you have to select the content of interest for your audience, which depends on your company’s market niche. Then, it is important to give your video an eye-catching format, according to each social network. Depending on each of the social networks you can find short videos (less than 60 seconds), long videos, videos in vertical format (such as Reels or TikTok), live videos, storytelling videos (less than 15 seconds), among others.

Don’t forget to create a story that helps you connect with the emotions of your audience. This technique makes it possible for the user to get closer to your company’s content, generating a link between your brand and the public. Let’s say, in the case of real estate sales, do not limit yourself to simply show the attributes of a property, it is important to connect with the desires of your customers and the experiences they can have in that property.


Creating good audiovisual content can make your audience feel identified – a reaction that is very beneficial for companies. You will be able to know what your customers think and get closer to them, creating recognition and loyalty. 

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