The Art of Visualising the Future: The Importance of Renderings in Architectural Design and Sales

In this world of shapes and lines, renderings emerge as the magical tool that sparks the imagination and brings architectural dreams to life.

Imagine, if you will, walking down the streets of an imaginary city, with majestic skyscrapers rising into the sky, each window reflecting the sunlight in a way that seems almost mystical. These images are not simply products of fantasy, but carefully crafted creations using architectural rendering technology.

From its first steps on paper to the final presentation before the eyes of the world, architectural design is a complex and exciting journey.

However, the ability to effectively communicate the vision of a project can make the difference between success and oblivion. This is where renderings come into play, transforming plans and sketches into immersive images that tell stories of possible futures.

The importance of renderings is not limited to the aesthetic realm alone. Beyond captivating with their beauty, these virtual models play a crucial role in the sales process.

How could a potential client truly visualise the potential of a space without the aid of a visual representation? Renderings offer a window into the future, allowing buyers to explore every detail, from the layout of rooms to the interplay of light and space.

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The Vital Role of Architectural Representation in Design and Construction

It acts as a bridge that transforms concepts and plans into captivating visual representations, offering a glimpse of the final project. In this shortened version of the blog, we will explore its crucial role in this process.

Concept Visualization:

At its core, architectural representation brings conceptual ideas to life, providing architects and clients with three-dimensional visualizations. It simplifies the initial stages of design by offering a comprehensive view from various angles.

Effective Communication:

Architecture often involves complex technical details that may be difficult for non-experts to comprehend. Architectural representations simplify this by providing easily understandable visual narratives. This improves communication and ensures clarity among all stakeholders.

Problem Solving:

Beyond aesthetics, architectural representation aids in evaluating functionality and feasibility. It allows architects to identify potential issues early on, leading to adjustments and cost savings before construction begins.

Design Options:

During the design phase, architects explore various design options. Architectural representation streamlines this process by creating quick visual representations. This accelerates decision-making and ensures alignment with client preferences.

Marketing and Client Engagement:

High-quality representations are powerful marketing tools, generating excitement and anticipation. They attract clients, investors, and the public by showcasing the potential of a project.

In conclusion, architectural representation is an indispensable tool in the design and construction process. It fosters effective collaboration, informed decision-making, and brings architectural visions to life, making it an essential asset in the world of architecture and construction.

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The Evolution of Architectural Renders: From Sketches to Hyper-Realism

Let’s take a brief stroll through the key milestones in the development of architectural renders.

Pencil and Paper:

In the early days of architectural rendering, architects relied on hand-drawn sketches and watercolor paintings to visualize their designs. These illustrations, while charming and artistic, were limited in their ability to convey realistic details and perspectives.

Introduction of Photography:

The late 19th century saw the integration of photography into architectural representation. Architects began incorporating photographs into their presentations, offering a more accurate depiction of the proposed structures. However, this method still had its limitations in conveying the architect’s vision comprehensively.

Emergence of 3D Modeling:

The mid-20th century witnessed a significant shift with the advent of 3D modeling techniques. Architects started using physical models to present their designs in three dimensions, providing clients and stakeholders with a more tangible sense of the spatial relationships within a project. These models, though revolutionary, were time-consuming and limited in terms of detail.

Digital Revolution's Dawn:

The late 20th century witnessed a digital revolution in architectural rendering. The widespread availability of computer-aided design (CAD) software facilitated more efficient creation of 3D models. Initial digital renders were rudimentary wireframe representations, marking the genesis of a transformative era in architectural visualization.

Proliferation of Rendering Software:

The 21st century ushered in a new epoch of hyper-realistic architectural renders. Cutting-edge rendering software like Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray, and Lumion empowered architects to produce photorealistic images replete with intricate detail, lifelike lighting effects, and textures. This not only elevated the presentation of designs but also fostered enhanced communication among architects, clients, and stakeholders.

Virtual and Augmented Reality's Ascendance:

Recent years have witnessed an upsurge in the integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) into architectural rendering. Architects can now immerse clients in virtual walkthroughs of their designs, providing an unprecedented understanding of spatial experiences. This technological pivot has not only revolutionized the design process but also emerged as a potent marketing tool.

Virtual tours are a good idea for real estate

Virtual tours are a good idea that has started to take hold in the real estate industry. These can be found in two types. One shows the layout from the 360° photo capture method of the property, allowing the buyer to click from one space to another seeing how the property looks inside. On the other hand, we have the video-style guided virtual tour, where a personal and human element is added to the tour, guiding the buyer through the property as if they were in person.

Through real estate virtual reality, customers get a complete plan of each of the rooms and can shift the focus from one point to another to move throughout the house.

You are probably wondering: Is this content model really successful? What benefits could it bring to my real estate? That’s why widu will answer these and other doubts.

The first answer is yes, virtual tours are a good idea, because for potential buyers time is an important factor. Therefore, being able to see the property virtually saves them those hours needed for other activities and the hassle of visiting a place that might not be the most suitable for them. According to figures from Planet Home, a company specializing in mortgages, 75% of all potential clients prefer a virtual tour to help in their buying decision.

Buyers spend more than two-thirds of their time online when looking for a property before buying or renting. By providing them with more visual information, they will be better able to make an informed choice.

In addition, for you as a seller, virtual tours eliminate much of the time it takes to close a sale by allowing you to filter out those who actually want to buy a property from those who just want to take a look, which is key to increasing your efficiency.

The benefits of this modern tool also allow your company to generate an innovative and excited image of itself for new buyers.

According to a study on virtual tours conducted by Google, 18-34 year olds are 130% more likely to buy a property with a virtual tour. Engaging this population looking for their first home with this content would be of great benefit to any real estate company.

Now, imagine how useful this type of tours can be for a person with reduced mobility, or for those who are far away from the area where the property is located. This is going to allow them to get around easily and experience what it might be like to live there without having to travel there. This will also help people determine the accessibility of the property and therefore decide if it will suit their needs.


There are many reasons to make virtual tours part of your online property listings. If you already have them, now is the time to see the quality of the material you display. If you have any questions about virtual tours, feel free to contact us. At widu we have a powerful network of trained photographers ready to serve your needs.

Social media videos: a widu service to grow your business

Social networks have become an almost essential tool when selling a product or service. According to Hubspot studies, 64% of social network users who see audiovisual content tend to buy one of the associated products. Having good images is a key way to improve your company’s recognition and sales.

In the case of the real estate sector, the use of these digital platforms has changed the way of selling or renting a property, getting closer to potential buyers, making photos or videos a central part of your offer.

Having impressive and interesting images in your publications will allow you to get a higher level of engagement from your audience and get your audience to respond more quickly to the properties you have for sale. 

At widu we have the visual solutions your business needs, we are available and ready to provide you with the best service. We will help you create those audiovisual publications that your social networks need, whether you need photographs or videos in different formats.

On social networks you can find various types of videos in horizontal, vertical and even square format; all with different sizes and uses depending on each platform. Horizontal videos, for example, are essential for attracting audiences on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. 

Vertical videos are the new trend, increasingly on the rise. They tend to be short, easier to watch and capture the audience’s attention more quickly. They are used on platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram, in the latter, they can be used to create reels or in stories. 

Square videos, on the other hand, are usually of short duration and are used on Facebook, Instagram or

How can we help you?

At widu we have a wide network of audiovisual professionals, ready to help you create the best videos for your social networks and boost your business. Contact us!

Creative ideas to maximize your sales through photography

The media through which we communicate with our potential customers is becoming more and more visual. Images have become essential to create content that helps your business stand out and attract more audience, so having new creative ideas for your photos is essential.

Every day there are new ways and ways to make your audience more interested in your products, so from widu we share some ideas for your photos to capture the attention of more people, increasing your sales and recognition of your company.

Play Video

Show the manufacturing process of your product

The product that you offer should always be the protagonist of our photographs, by highlighting the way the product was produced, we make customers appreciate the work put into it. This way, you will get them to know more about the items you offer and you will transmit to your consumers a more human side of the brand, what is behind it and the values that represent it.

A key idea to enhance the value and visual perception of your brand, through the photography of your products, is to take as the protagonist of your images not only the item you want to sell, but also to capture who produces it, play with the emotions it can transmit, and generate feelings that arouse the interest of your consumers.

Inspires with original ways to use your product

Showing your products is the main thing and one of the best ways to do it is to show different ways to use it. Inspiring your potential customers with creative ideas so they can visualize it is a winning strategy, so they can imagine it, think about recreating it and clarify any doubts they may have.

Your photography should be authentic and clear, so that your customers, without the need for long texts or complex explanations, can get an idea of how to use the product in a different way. Also, a good idea to creatively show your products is to accompany them with elements that help you convey their benefits visually. For example, if your product is a room freshener, in the photograph it could be accompanied by flowers or fruits, alluding to its smell. Remember that everything goes through the eyes.

By sharing with your customers ideas on how they could use your products, you not only help them to give them that step they needed to encourage them to try and buy them, but also generate a connection with them that will allow you, in the future, to be preferred again, because they will find in your brand a great supplier and a company they can trust.

Take advantage of special dates

Other creative ideas for your photos, is to take advantage of special events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day or Children’s Day, are occasions that people usually celebrate. They have the characteristic that we can personalize both our products and our messages, actions and photographs in a way that we cannot do at other times of the year, attracting the attention of our consumers and, why not, exploiting our creativity.

Therefore, during these periods, we recommend that you add to your product photographs some element related to these dates. These can be texts, colors, textures or materials that increase the visual impact of your images and reinforce the spirit of that special date.


The photos of your products are a key element in every business, especially those that offer their products online.  Having creative ideas in your images will be the means to convey the benefits or differentials of your brand, and will help you inspire with different ways to use or teach something new. 

At widu we provide you with all the facilities for your photographs to attract many customers, with photographers trained to meet all the needs of your business and deliver your edited material in a record time of 48 hours, let us enhance your business with images that speak for you.

For that reason, during those periods, we recommend you to add to your product pictures some element related to those dates. These can be texts, colors, textures or materials that increase the visual impact of your images and reinforce the spirit of that special date.

How to create videos that help you promote your next real estate projects?

Having excellent quality videos on your website or social networks is ideal for catching the attention of future clients. That is why now companies and real estate agents are taking a step beyond just photographs, as audiovisual content allows you to better connect with potential buyers or tenants of your properties. This type of content seeks to create experiences, resolve doubts and generate emotions. 

Here are some video ideas that will help you promote your real estate projects, get more clients and increase your profits:

1. Video tours

The real estate virtual tour is one of the most innovative and important tools for companies in the sector. These are composed of a sequence of shots of the exterior and interior of the property, allowing you to identify its size and design. 

These virtual tour audiovisual contents offer companies and real estate agents the opportunity to highlight the unique features of their offered properties. In addition, they give buyers a detailed look at the property and its condition. At widu we help you create these videos, boosting your chances of getting more customers.

2. Video of nearby areas

Buyers want to get to know the property as well as possible before making an offer. Of course, it is important to know the internal details of the property, such as the rooms, the living room or the kitchen, but it is also necessary to highlight the area in which it is located.

One way to show your clients a more global view of the property, is to add drone video shots to your virtual catalogues, so they will have a better perception of its location and surroundings, knowing also the lifestyle they can have in that place. At widu, we have the best video professionals, who can support you in creating amazing drone shots.  

3. Vertical video for social media

Social media has become an important tool to grow a business and create a network of potential customers. In numbers, Instagram video posts get 38% more engagement than non-video posts. 

Building real estate videos on social media is ideal when attracting buyers who are just starting their search or showcasing a property you are looking to market. Vertical videos are becoming more and more popular and are a growing trend on social networks such as Tik Tok and Instagram. Our services include real estate content, here you can see one of our videos.

How can we help you?

In widu we have the most powerful network of professionals, ready to give you the best attention and help you to create the best videos for your business. 

3 tips to create the best advert for a property

The boom in buying and selling homes online is growing worldwide, and the internet is an important tool for the real estate market. According to the National Association of Realtors, 92% of buyers use the internet to purchase a home.

We all know that there is a lot of competition on the internet, as there are thousands of ads a day, so it is essential to know the most effective ways to reach your target audience. To build the best possible advert, always consider the quality of the property you are offering, highlighting its best attributes and everything that can make it stand out from the competition. 

At widu we want to help real estate companies grow, that’s why we will share some tips with you to create the best advert for your properties.

1. Create a good description of your property

To start creating the best possible ad you need to begin your description with the most important things about your property and all the attributes that make it unique. This is the first piece of information that visitors will see in your ad. By placing it at the beginning you will capture their attention and encourage them to read on.

Always describe the property and its features in detail. The more information in the advert, the more reassured and confident the buyer will feel.

A crucial piece of information that should be in your advert is the location of the property and its surroundings, this is an important criterion for prospective buyers. Mention all the positive points of its geographical location, such as the proximity to public transport; you can also indicate the proximity of the property to shops, restaurants and medical services.

2. Highlight all the qualities of the property

Highlighting the best attributes in a unique way is a great way to attract the attention of your buyers. Use broad language to give details of areas you want to highlight, just remember not to go into too much detail or it could be confusing.

There are some essential points that should be in your listings; These will allow you to raise the interest of your clients: a balcony, terrace, garage, parking, garden, the type of heating system, number of rooms, presence of wardrobes or dressing rooms, and the number of flats.

3. Use the best photographs

It seems like a basic tip, but having professional photos is a must. According to figures from Old Dominion University’s Experimental Real Estate Behaviour Institute, 95% of visitors to a real estate website spend 20 seconds looking at the first image. When organising photo shoots of your properties make sure you capture the essence of the property well.

In the session, include photographs of all the rooms and corners of the property. The aim is to photograph every room so that your potential buyers can envisage themselves in the property. Show how the rooms compliment one another, highlighting the important details of the property.

Another essential factor in getting good images is the light and space in each room you want to photograph. It is preferable to use natural light, as it shows better than artificial lighting. Don’t forget to open the blinds to let the outside light in. This way you will get a light and welcoming tone that will attract the attention of your buyers.


Getting a good listing to sell a property is all about attracting new potential buyers. That’s why it’s important to understand what they want to see in a property. Focus on what makes your advert special, create a detailed description, highlight what makes your offer unique and always use the best photos and videos.

Do you want to know how widu can help you?

At widu we are experts in real estate photography, we also have the most powerful network of image and video professionals, ready to give you the 24/7 attention for your visual needs. Our team will provide you with a personalised service and guarantee the delivery of your material in a record time of 48 hours after the session is finished, contact us!

3 tips to earn followers on social media through visual content

We currently live in a digital era where ways of communicating have changed. For companies, social networks are now crucial tools capable of converting different audiences into real customers, but how do you achieve this?

Your target audience will always want to see well-presented images. It is estimated that nearly 75% of people making purchases are influenced by what they have seen on social media. In this new article we will give you some tips that will help you grow your social networks and so your sales due to the use of audiovisual content.

1. Recognize what content your audience sees

Before you start creating and uploading photos or videos, you must be very certain about your goal, whether it is to increase your recognition on social networks, grow in followers or attract new customers.

You must also know who your audience is, who you want to reach and what content is right for them. This will allow you to know how to approach them and so you can build a content plan that will allow your potential customers to interact with your products or services. According to Hubspot studies, 64% of users who watch audiovisual content tend to purchase the associated products.

Now that you know what to show your consumers, you can start creating content. You should make sure that it is interesting, provides proximity and generates curiosity about your services. 80% of Internet users prefer to click on a video rather than another type of link.

You should constantly monitor the activity of your audiences with your social networks. Knowing their behavior will enable you to know if you are meeting your objectives and if it is necessary to change certain things in order to correct their course.

2. Use high quality images

It is important to include impressive and engaging images, in your social media content. Having high quality images will make your audience respond faster to the objective of your publication, whether it is to highlight a service or sell a property.

Here are the requirements for some platforms:

On Instagram: Landscape (1080x566px), Portrait (1080x1350px) and Square (1080x1080px). Reels and stories (1080x1920px).

On Facebook: Recommended size 1200x630px and minimum size 600x315px.

On Twitter: Recommended size 1600x900px and minimum size is 600x355px.

On Linkedin: Recommended size 1200x627px.

Having tools such as lights, cameras and editing tools, are a key component in your creation of images for social networks, and will help achieve a stronger and longer lasting impact on your audience.

3. Create short, eye-catching videos

According to studies, 90% of users prefer videos when making a decision to buy a product. Therefore, this format seems the correct one to use when presenting a product or service, efficiently boosting your online reach and the growth of your brand. 

Different video formats have many benefits when growing a business through social networks, due to their ability to be seen quickly, giving your products more visibility, virality and interactivity.

To create videos for your social networks, you have to select the content of interest for your audience, which depends on your company’s market niche. Then, it is important to give your video an eye-catching format, according to each social network. Depending on each of the social networks you can find short videos (less than 60 seconds), long videos, videos in vertical format (such as Reels or TikTok), live videos, storytelling videos (less than 15 seconds), among others.

Don’t forget to create a story that helps you connect with the emotions of your audience. This technique makes it possible for the user to get closer to your company’s content, generating a link between your brand and the public. Let’s say, in the case of real estate sales, do not limit yourself to simply show the attributes of a property, it is important to connect with the desires of your customers and the experiences they can have in that property.


Creating good audiovisual content can make your audience feel identified – a reaction that is very beneficial for companies. You will be able to know what your customers think and get closer to them, creating recognition and loyalty. 

At widu we have the most powerful network of photography and video professionals in Chile, ready to support you in your visual needs and make your business grow.