widu launches a new service: Advanced Photo Editing for real estate agents and companies

It has been proven that using photos of professional quality allows you to sell 50% faster and increase the sale price of your property.   When taking your photographs yourself, there are numerous errors that can detract from the professional tone you are looking to convey.  

That’s why at widu we launched our new service, Advanced Photo Editing.

Real estate companies will be able to send us their existing images, and thanks to our amazing editing team we will improve them promptly, ensuring that your business has high quality photos.

In this article we will show you some of the technical improvements in editing that widu offers with its new service and so help increase the interest of your buyers.

1. Sharpness Adjustment

If you have a somewhat blurry photo, our service will help you improve its sharpness and quality, focusing the image and emphasizing its texture.

Aumento de nitidez y detalle

2. Remove photographer reflection

A problem that exists is reflections and shadows can appear in mirrors and windows, usually in bathrooms. In the Advanced Edition of widu, we eliminate this, getting a simpler and much more professional photo.

3. Brightness and Contrast Adjustment

Having images with good lighting and adequate contrast will be key to the success of your business. We take care of it.

4. Vertical & Horizontal Straightening

Images with crooked horizontal or vertical lines can look distorted and unprofessional. Our service will help you correct those errors to make your photos look more pleasing to the eye.

5. Elimination of lens distortion

With our Advanced Edition we can rectify the distortion produced by certain lenses in the images, with this we will achieve straight lines and not curved.


In addition to these five services mentioned, we also have other important aspects which are part of our Advanced Edition: Perspective Alignment, Elimination of imperfections and stains, Correction and cleaning of implements, Sky Replacement, Exterior Improvement and Elimination of flash reflection.

When it comes to buying and selling properties, it can be said that how visually appealing it is will be the most important thing, so having high quality photographs will attract more customers to your properties. 

At widu we are ready to provide you with the best photography and editing service for the real estate sector. Let us take your business to the next level!

3 tips on how to make a photography budget

Many young people starting out in photography have the creative skills needed to succeed in this business. Managing a shoot, scheduling time and taking pictures is often the easiest part of the job, but when it comes to administering the money, a number of questions come up, especially when it comes to accounting.

Photography is an exciting and fun profession, but as with everything else, paying bills and keeping track of money is often stressful. It’s not just about setting a fee for the work to be done and keeping track of income, but it’s also very important to keep track of expenses and additional payments such as health or taxes, which are necessary to calculate the actual earnings.

Let’s start with one of the most important issues. Before finding a potential project or client, which we know can take time, you need to set a price for your work.

1. What should you have in mind when budgeting for a session?

When you start working on your first photo shoots, you should calculate how much you can charge for what you are going to do. At this point it is very important that you have two factors in mind: the time it will take you to carry out the specific project and the value of the equipment you will use for it.

As for the time you will use to carry out the session, you must be very clear about your client’s needs, from what he/she wants to transmit with the photographs, to where the locations will be, so you can evaluate more clearly how many hours or days it will take you to carry out the work.

At the same time, you can’t forget that you are using your own resources or tools to do the project. Depending on the value of your equipment and the use you make of it during the shoot, you can calculate how much to charge for your time.

A tip is to search the internet for other professionals like you, or perhaps some job offers similar to the one you are going to do, so you can get an idea of what the market price is and not err on the side of charging too little or too much.

2. How should the budget for a session be organised?

Having a method to organise your shoot budgets will be an important tool for your work to get better results.

To build the budget for each session, you can divide your work into three parts: Pre Production, Production and Post Production.

In Pre Production, you must define everything you need to carry out the project, know the objectives of the session, where it will take place, how long it will take you to get there, how to get there, what equipment you need and define if you need something or someone to carry it out smoothly.

Production is what happens on the day of the shoot. Depending on the style of photography, the actions will vary according to each case, the point is that everything is ready so that there are no setbacks.

Finally, for the Post Production, you will have to evaluate if the material needs to be edited, if you are going to do it yourself or a third party and how much time or money you will need to do it and what means you will use to send it to the client.

Once you are clear on all these points, you will be able to make a correct calculation of how much your budget for the session will be and it will help you to have a more concrete rate when you are charging for your work.

3 consejos sobre cómo hacer un presupuesto de fotografía

3. What are the additional costs of freelancing?

Surely in your country you should make some contributions in the form of taxes for your work as a freelancer. For example, in Chile it is compulsory to contribute if you generate fee receipts and, according to your income, the social security deductions. If you do not do so on a monthly basis, this will be deducted from your annual tax.

The calculation of how much you will have to contribute will depend on your income levels during the year in which you generate the fee slips and according to the professional services you provide. The good news is that some professionals may be exempt from this payment if they generate income of $1,000,000, and will be eligible for 100% of your tax refund.

These calculations are important so that you know how much of your income you will have to allocate to pay these obligations and can be included in the budget you have to make for your work.

Being clear about your work will allow you to grow as a professional and show that you not only have the talent to take excellent photographs, but also the ability to carry out organised projects.


“You have to be organised, regardless of whether you charge too much, too little or too much. The work should be done in an organised way, then it will become easier and smoother to work with these methods in the future,” says Cristobal Padilla, part of the widu team.

At widu there is also room for talented photographers, who are eager to work and grow professionally. Contact us, sign up and become part of the most powerful network of photographers in Chile.

HDR and his importance in real estate photography

By using HDR, a professional photographer can transform the look of real estate images, creating an inspiring portfolio of photographs of a home. So we at widu will tell you, what is HDR and why is it important for real estate photography?

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a technique for processing images with the purpose of giving your photographs a much higher dynamic range than usual, covering the widest range of exposure levels in all areas. In other words, the more highlights and shadows in an image, the closer to reality it produces.

One of the most striking contrasts when taking a photograph is the difference between the light in the sky and the darkness on the ground. This, no matter what camera you use, creates some difficulty in compensating for that difference, losing the vibrancy of the sky and the detail of the house and garden. In short, you don’t get a great image. Using HDR makes it easier for you to expose all areas of your image correctly, keeping the highlights bright and the shadows dark. This way, your photos will offer that wow factor for your potential clients.

HDR is a technique that can be really strong for your photography and that, applied without any moderation, can damage a beautiful photo. Although there are no specific parameters to say when an HDR is wrong, you must take into account what you want to convey. In the case of real estate photography, a more realistic, more subtle HDR that can bring your images to life is preferable.

What time of day is it best to use HDR?

If you’re wondering what time of day is best to use HDR, the answer is: the golden hours of sunrise and sunset are especially interesting for using this technique. That’s the time of day that most professional outdoor photographers look for. They go out in that first and last hour of sunlight because the colors are much more vibrant, which makes the images even more spectacular.

In real estate photography, HDR shows depth, subtle color differences in the visual and a number of slightly differentiated hues as seen by the human eye.

But when you use a lower quality device to capture the image, all the colors merge into one, the definition disappears and it doesn’t look like an amazing place to live in. This is another reason why HDR is so important. It allows all the definition to jump into the visual, delighting your clients and potential buyers.

By using this technique in our real estate photography, capturing these distinctive and vibrant colors brings out the beauty of the property, transforming the way it looks on your website. People fall in love with a home through the images they see of it online. And if they fall in love with your property, they are much more likely to buy it, make an offer above the asking price and compete with other buyers for their dream home. Much of this is made possible through the use of HDR.


The HDR technique is not hard to apply and gives you very interesting possibilities to take really impressive and impressive pictures. In widu we not only advise you on how to make your pictures better, we also seek to make your job easier. That’s why we offer you our visual content service made by professionals trained in video, drone and photography, whenever you need them, anywhere in Chile. It’s your time to make your content speak for your business, write to us!

How to create the best video to sell a property?

Video can be an valuable visual tool for Real Estate professionals, giving potential buyers a clear understanding of the quality and dimensions of a property.

Although photography will always provide viewers with a fundamental overview, video allows potential customers to ‘travel through a property’, clearly understanding both the layout and relationship between the rooms within a space.   So what are some of the golden rules of using video to sell a property?

Let’s take a look below:

Create a video format and style that suits the platform it will be used in

You will first need to understand where you will be using video.  The two fundamental options are social media and website.  Both require very different styles and formats. To make the most of out video, you need to produce the right types of video for where you plan to show it.

For Social Media, you will need to create short, exciting and memorable videos – giving viewers a quick snapshot of the most important rooms or areas in a property.  We recommend creating videos that are no longer than 30-40 seconds for this format.

For videos created for website and marketplace apps, viewers will expect videos to provide a complete overview of the property.  It is therefore important, to design videos to show the property in full, ensuring the layout of the property is easily understood.

Depending on your budget and the nature of the property, this video can be a basic but well-edited walk around, or a professionally produced video that includes attractive transitions and background music.

Play Video

Record multiple takes to ensure you have enough for editing

For higher budget videos designed specifically for websites and broker platforms, it is important to include all rooms within a property. The length can vary depending on the size of the property.

It is recommended that you take the time to follow two clear rules:

  1. Always show as much of the property as possible – don’t leave rooms out.  This is especially important for viewers who are not able to visit the property, they will be relying on video to truly understand the property.
  2. Make sure you take different takes of the key rooms, clients want to see the unique features and amenities of the apartment or house. For example, for features such as swimming pools, you should aim to show this from multiple angles and styles.
Play Video

Overall editing and framing is crucial

If you plan to use video regularly across your web properties, it is crucial you find a consistent and standardised editing template.  Your visitors will expect visual information to be shown in a regular, understandable manner.  If each video you show is editing and stylised in different ways, this causes irritation.  Potential customers are looking for an easy way to clearly understand the property you are showing them.  Additionally, if you choose to add text or music, make sure it’s consistent across all your videos.


We cannot ignore the power of this type of content to increase your audience and your web positioning among potential customers. In particular, the real estate business is undergoing a transformation towards new audiences and new ways of selling properties.

At widu we have a powerful network of qualified professionals in combination with an in-house editing team. 

What are you waiting for to take your business to the next level?

Creative ideas to maximize your sales through photography

The media through which we communicate with our potential customers is becoming more and more visual. Images have become essential to create content that helps your business stand out and attract more audience, so having new creative ideas for your photos is essential.

Every day there are new ways and ways to make your audience more interested in your products, so from widu we share some ideas for your photos to capture the attention of more people, increasing your sales and recognition of your company.

Play Video

Show the manufacturing process of your product

The product that you offer should always be the protagonist of our photographs, by highlighting the way the product was produced, we make customers appreciate the work put into it. This way, you will get them to know more about the items you offer and you will transmit to your consumers a more human side of the brand, what is behind it and the values that represent it.

A key idea to enhance the value and visual perception of your brand, through the photography of your products, is to take as the protagonist of your images not only the item you want to sell, but also to capture who produces it, play with the emotions it can transmit, and generate feelings that arouse the interest of your consumers.

Inspires with original ways to use your product

Showing your products is the main thing and one of the best ways to do it is to show different ways to use it. Inspiring your potential customers with creative ideas so they can visualize it is a winning strategy, so they can imagine it, think about recreating it and clarify any doubts they may have.

Your photography should be authentic and clear, so that your customers, without the need for long texts or complex explanations, can get an idea of how to use the product in a different way. Also, a good idea to creatively show your products is to accompany them with elements that help you convey their benefits visually. For example, if your product is a room freshener, in the photograph it could be accompanied by flowers or fruits, alluding to its smell. Remember that everything goes through the eyes.

By sharing with your customers ideas on how they could use your products, you not only help them to give them that step they needed to encourage them to try and buy them, but also generate a connection with them that will allow you, in the future, to be preferred again, because they will find in your brand a great supplier and a company they can trust.

Take advantage of special dates

Other creative ideas for your photos, is to take advantage of special events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day or Children’s Day, are occasions that people usually celebrate. They have the characteristic that we can personalize both our products and our messages, actions and photographs in a way that we cannot do at other times of the year, attracting the attention of our consumers and, why not, exploiting our creativity.

Therefore, during these periods, we recommend that you add to your product photographs some element related to these dates. These can be texts, colors, textures or materials that increase the visual impact of your images and reinforce the spirit of that special date.


The photos of your products are a key element in every business, especially those that offer their products online.  Having creative ideas in your images will be the means to convey the benefits or differentials of your brand, and will help you inspire with different ways to use or teach something new. 

At widu we provide you with all the facilities for your photographs to attract many customers, with photographers trained to meet all the needs of your business and deliver your edited material in a record time of 48 hours, let us enhance your business with images that speak for you.

For that reason, during those periods, we recommend you to add to your product pictures some element related to those dates. These can be texts, colors, textures or materials that increase the visual impact of your images and reinforce the spirit of that special date.

Tips to take your business photography to the next level

Like the saying goes “everything goes through the eyes” and when it comes to offering a product, the image is the first thing that counts, so in widu we share with you some tips to take your business photography to another level, as well as different techniques to help you achieve your goals.

The Camera

To start taking your pictures, the first thing you should choose is the device you will use to take the picture of your business. Whether it is a cell phone or a professional camera, remember to know its technical characteristics.

It is usual that the cell phones that are available in the market can do the job of a high quality camera, having a device with more than 12 megapixels will give you better results. Using a cell phone gives you the advantage of retouching photos and uploading them to your website or social networks more immediately.

Cameras, on the other hand, will provide you with superior quality and an almost perfect photographic result. One of the basic features that your camera should have is a good size sensor and the ability to shoot in RAW, this will allow you to have a wider field of action in the post-production of your photos.


In addition to having a good location to take your pictures, another important factor is to take into account the framing. Having a clean, tidy and adequate space according to the type of business, will focus the attention on your product or service. Likewise, positioning and stabilizing your camera correctly will allow you to give prominence to what you want to highlight in your business photography.

We recommend you to try different photography angles to find out which one is the best for your objective, and to use a tripod at all times, in order to obtain greater stability and avoid unwanted movements. A technique that will help you to give a better framing to your photograph is the “rule of thirds”, which consists of dividing the shot into nine parts with two imaginary vertical lines and two parallel horizontal lines. Where these lines meet, we will get four so-called highlights. Place what you want to highlight within these points to give it more prominence.

It won’t do any good to have a spectacular landscape around the property you want to sell if you don’t know how to take advantage of it in your photos to highlight its architecture or details. Nor will the same landscape work to promote, for example, a pencil, because it could get lost in such immensity.


Having good lighting in a photos of your business can determine the tone of what you want to convey, and even influence the mood of the viewer. Therefore, it is necessary to control and manipulate light correctly, whether natural or artificial, to achieve the best texture, color vibrancy and brightness to suit your objectives. For example, a room with good natural lighting and warm tones will make you feel calm, cheerful and at home.

Always try to avoid backlit photos at all costs. Ideally, the light should hit what you want to photograph from the front or at a 45º angle. If you don’t usually use flash, it is better to dispense with it in your business photography.

La Edición

After you have your business photo shoot ready, it’s time to edit. If you have decided to do them on your own, you will most likely want a simple edit.

Ideally, it should be as natural as possible. Think that in that photo you are preparing for your website or social networks, they must faithfully convey the image of your product or your business to the people who see it. If you put filters that, for example, adulterate the color, you can have several disadvantages when that customer comes into contact with your brand.

You will find many programs or applications to edit your photos, therefore, we recommend some that will allow you to give that touch-up to your images: For your photos with a professional camera, we recommend using Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One and Luminar, and to use from your cell phone, Afterlight, Hypocam and Snapseed.


Finally, don’t forget that creating excellent visual content conveys information faster than any other method of communication. For businesses and their consumers, images are like the first great impression, and when it comes to choosing among the images available on the web, your business photography is the one that ultimately makes the difference and drives your sales.

We have facilities for your company Are you interested in knowing how our photographic solutions can help your business reach another level?


Virtual tours are a good idea for your real estate

Virtual tours are a good idea that has started to take hold in the real estate industry. These can be found in two types. One shows the layout from the 360° photo capture method of the property, allowing the buyer to click from one space to another seeing how the property looks inside. On the other hand, we have the video-style guided virtual tour, where a personal and human element is added to the tour, guiding the buyer through the property as if they were in person.

Through real estate virtual reality, customers get a complete plan of each of the rooms and can shift the focus from one point to another to move throughout the house.

You are probably wondering: Is this content model really successful? What benefits could it bring to my real estate? That’s why widu will answer these and other doubts.

The first answer is yes, virtual tours are a good idea, because for potential buyers time is an important factor. Therefore, being able to see the property virtually saves them those hours needed for other activities and the hassle of visiting a place that might not be the most suitable for them. According to figures from Planet Home, a company specializing in mortgages, 75% of all potential clients prefer a virtual tour to help in their buying decision.

Buyers spend more than two-thirds of their time online when looking for a property before buying or renting. By providing them with more visual information, they will be better able to make an informed choice.

In addition, for you as a seller, virtual tours eliminate much of the time it takes to close a sale by allowing you to filter out those who actually want to buy a property from those who just want to take a look, which is key to increasing your efficiency.

The benefits of this modern tool also allow your company to generate an innovative and excited image of itself for new buyers.

According to a study on virtual tours conducted by Google, 18-34 year olds are 130% more likely to buy a property with a virtual tour. Engaging this population looking for their first home with this content would be of great benefit to any real estate company.

Now, imagine how useful this type of tours can be for a person with reduced mobility, or for those who are far away from the area where the property is located. This is going to allow them to get around easily and experience what it might be like to live there without having to travel there. This will also help people determine the accessibility of the property and therefore decide if it will suit their needs.


There are many reasons to make virtual tours part of your online property listings. If you already have them, now is the time to see the quality of the material you display. If you have any questions about virtual tours, feel free to contact us. At widu we have a powerful network of trained photographers ready to serve your needs.