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How to create the best video to sell a property?

Video gives visitors a compelling visual overview of the properties they are browsing. It is therefore an important tool for selling or renting property. In this article, we break down some of the most important ways to educate and attract potential customers through the use of high quality, standardised videos.

By Juliana Jimenez
June 29, 2022

Video can be an valuable visual tool for Real Estate professionals, giving potential buyers a clear understanding of the quality and dimensions of a property.

Although photography will always provide viewers with a fundamental overview, video allows potential customers to ‘travel through a property’, clearly understanding both the layout and relationship between the rooms within a space.   So what are some of the golden rules of using video to sell a property?

Let’s take a look below:

Create a video format and style that suits the platform it will be used in

You will first need to understand where you will be using video.  The two fundamental options are social media and website.  Both require very different styles and formats. To make the most of out video, you need to produce the right types of video for where you plan to show it.

For Social Media, you will need to create short, exciting and memorable videos – giving viewers a quick snapshot of the most important rooms or areas in a property.  We recommend creating videos that are no longer than 30-40 seconds for this format.

For videos created for website and marketplace apps, viewers will expect videos to provide a complete overview of the property.  It is therefore important, to design videos to show the property in full, ensuring the layout of the property is easily understood.

Depending on your budget and the nature of the property, this video can be a basic but well-edited walk around, or a professionally produced video that includes attractive transitions and background music.

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Record multiple takes to ensure you have enough for editing

For higher budget videos designed specifically for websites and broker platforms, it is important to include all rooms within a property. The length can vary depending on the size of the property.

It is recommended that you take the time to follow two clear rules:

  1. Always show as much of the property as possible – don’t leave rooms out.  This is especially important for viewers who are not able to visit the property, they will be relying on video to truly understand the property.
  2. Make sure you take different takes of the key rooms, clients want to see the unique features and amenities of the apartment or house. For example, for features such as swimming pools, you should aim to show this from multiple angles and styles.
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Overall editing and framing is crucial

If you plan to use video regularly across your web properties, it is crucial you find a consistent and standardised editing template.  Your visitors will expect visual information to be shown in a regular, understandable manner.  If each video you show is editing and stylised in different ways, this causes irritation.  Potential customers are looking for an easy way to clearly understand the property you are showing them.  Additionally, if you choose to add text or music, make sure it’s consistent across all your videos.


We cannot ignore the power of this type of content to increase your audience and your web positioning among potential customers. In particular, the real estate business is undergoing a transformation towards new audiences and new ways of selling properties.

At widu we have a powerful network of qualified professionals in combination with an in-house editing team. 

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