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How to create videos that help you promote your next real estate projects?

When a potential client sees the photos of your real estate, they may be tempted, but with the video experience they will feel as if they are actually there, and so we are communicating more effectively and increasing the chances of buying.

By Juliana Jimenez
December 28, 2022

Having excellent quality videos on your website or social networks is ideal for catching the attention of future clients. That is why now companies and real estate agents are taking a step beyond just photographs, as audiovisual content allows you to better connect with potential buyers or tenants of your properties. This type of content seeks to create experiences, resolve doubts and generate emotions. 

Here are some video ideas that will help you promote your real estate projects, get more clients and increase your profits:

1. Video tours

The real estate virtual tour is one of the most innovative and important tools for companies in the sector. These are composed of a sequence of shots of the exterior and interior of the property, allowing you to identify its size and design. 

These virtual tour audiovisual contents offer companies and real estate agents the opportunity to highlight the unique features of their offered properties. In addition, they give buyers a detailed look at the property and its condition. At widu we help you create these videos, boosting your chances of getting more customers.

2. Video of nearby areas

Buyers want to get to know the property as well as possible before making an offer. Of course, it is important to know the internal details of the property, such as the rooms, the living room or the kitchen, but it is also necessary to highlight the area in which it is located.

One way to show your clients a more global view of the property, is to add drone video shots to your virtual catalogues, so they will have a better perception of its location and surroundings, knowing also the lifestyle they can have in that place. At widu, we have the best video professionals, who can support you in creating amazing drone shots.  

3. Vertical video for social media

Social media has become an important tool to grow a business and create a network of potential customers. In numbers, Instagram video posts get 38% more engagement than non-video posts. 

Building real estate videos on social media is ideal when attracting buyers who are just starting their search or showcasing a property you are looking to market. Vertical videos are becoming more and more popular and are a growing trend on social networks such as Tik Tok and Instagram. Our services include real estate content, here you can see one of our videos.

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