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How to use different visuals to successfully market a new property development

Successfully marketing a new property development requires a diverse range of visuals to appeal to different aspects of potential buyers' interests and provide a comprehensive view of the project. Here are the essential types of visuals needed.

By Francisco Gallardo
May 23, 2024

1. High-Quality 3D Renders

Exterior Renders: These showcase the architectural design and curb appeal of the buildings. They include detailed representations of materials, textures, and colors.

Interior Renders: These focus on the design and layout of interior spaces, highlighting furniture, fixtures, and finishes to give a realistic feel of the living spaces.

Aerial Renders: These provide a bird’s-eye view of the entire development, including the layout of buildings, roads, green spaces, and amenities.

Floor Plans

2D Floor Plans: These give a clear, detailed layout of each unit, showing the arrangement of rooms, dimensions, and flow of spaces.

3D Floor Plans: These add an extra dimension to traditional floor plans by incorporating height and volume, helping buyers visualize the space more effectively.

Virtual Tours

360-Degree Tours: These allow potential buyers to virtually walk through the property at their own pace, exploring each room and getting a sense of the space and layout.

Interactive Walkthroughs: These are guided tours that provide a more controlled experience, often highlighting key features and selling points of the property.

Construction Progress Photos/Videos

Regularly updated photos showing the construction progress can build trust and maintain interest among potential buyers, demonstrating that the project is on track and moving forward.


Video Presentations

Promotional Videos: These can combine various types of visuals, including renders, drone footage, and lifestyle clips, to create a compelling narrative about the property.

Testimonial Videos: These feature interviews with architects, developers, or early buyers, adding credibility and personal endorsements.

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Social Media Content

Short Clips and Stories: These are designed for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, providing quick, engaging glimpses of the property.

By utilizing a combination of these visuals, developers can create a comprehensive and engaging marketing campaign that effectively communicates the value and appeal of the new property development to potential buyers.

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