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Social media videos: a widu service to grow your business

Having impressive and interesting images in your posts will allow you to get a higher level of engagement from your audience.

By Juliana Jimenez
July 12, 2023

Social networks have become an almost essential tool when selling a product or service. According to Hubspot studies, 64% of social network users who see audiovisual content tend to buy one of the associated products. Having good images is a key way to improve your company’s recognition and sales.

In the case of the real estate sector, the use of these digital platforms has changed the way of selling or renting a property, getting closer to potential buyers, making photos or videos a central part of your offer.

Having impressive and interesting images in your publications will allow you to get a higher level of engagement from your audience and get your audience to respond more quickly to the properties you have for sale. 

At widu we have the visual solutions your business needs, we are available and ready to provide you with the best service. We will help you create those audiovisual publications that your social networks need, whether you need photographs or videos in different formats.

On social networks you can find various types of videos in horizontal, vertical and even square format; all with different sizes and uses depending on each platform. Horizontal videos, for example, are essential for attracting audiences on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. 

Vertical videos are the new trend, increasingly on the rise. They tend to be short, easier to watch and capture the audience’s attention more quickly. They are used on platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram, in the latter, they can be used to create reels or in stories. 

Square videos, on the other hand, are usually of short duration and are used on Facebook, Instagram or

How can we help you?

At widu we have a wide network of audiovisual professionals, ready to help you create the best videos for your social networks and boost your business. Contact us!