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HDR and his importance in real estate photography

Outdoor photography depends on natural light, but indoors, they depend on the light entering the room, either naturally from windows or artificially from the lighting in the room itself. This is a potential problem. Thanks to HDR, photographers can transform the look of real estate agents' images, bringing their properties to life and giving them a more realistic tone.

By Juliana Jimenez
June 30, 2022

By using HDR, a professional photographer can transform the look of real estate images, creating an inspiring portfolio of photographs of a home. So we at widu will tell you, what is HDR and why is it important for real estate photography?

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a technique for processing images with the purpose of giving your photographs a much higher dynamic range than usual, covering the widest range of exposure levels in all areas. In other words, the more highlights and shadows in an image, the closer to reality it produces.

One of the most striking contrasts when taking a photograph is the difference between the light in the sky and the darkness on the ground. This, no matter what camera you use, creates some difficulty in compensating for that difference, losing the vibrancy of the sky and the detail of the house and garden. In short, you don’t get a great image. Using HDR makes it easier for you to expose all areas of your image correctly, keeping the highlights bright and the shadows dark. This way, your photos will offer that wow factor for your potential clients.

HDR is a technique that can be really strong for your photography and that, applied without any moderation, can damage a beautiful photo. Although there are no specific parameters to say when an HDR is wrong, you must take into account what you want to convey. In the case of real estate photography, a more realistic, more subtle HDR that can bring your images to life is preferable.

What time of day is it best to use HDR?

If you’re wondering what time of day is best to use HDR, the answer is: the golden hours of sunrise and sunset are especially interesting for using this technique. That’s the time of day that most professional outdoor photographers look for. They go out in that first and last hour of sunlight because the colors are much more vibrant, which makes the images even more spectacular.

In real estate photography, HDR shows depth, subtle color differences in the visual and a number of slightly differentiated hues as seen by the human eye.

But when you use a lower quality device to capture the image, all the colors merge into one, the definition disappears and it doesn’t look like an amazing place to live in. This is another reason why HDR is so important. It allows all the definition to jump into the visual, delighting your clients and potential buyers.

By using this technique in our real estate photography, capturing these distinctive and vibrant colors brings out the beauty of the property, transforming the way it looks on your website. People fall in love with a home through the images they see of it online. And if they fall in love with your property, they are much more likely to buy it, make an offer above the asking price and compete with other buyers for their dream home. Much of this is made possible through the use of HDR.


The HDR technique is not hard to apply and gives you very interesting possibilities to take really impressive and impressive pictures. In widu we not only advise you on how to make your pictures better, we also seek to make your job easier. That’s why we offer you our visual content service made by professionals trained in video, drone and photography, whenever you need them, anywhere in Chile. It’s your time to make your content speak for your business, write to us!